Why We Limit the Time Writing Any Comments

October 4, 2018

Optimus Learning School has a comment system in place to keep track of anything out of the ordinary in the homework club classes or with any of the individual students. Teachers will only write an individual comment if there is, in fact, something unusual. For example, they would write an individual comment if a student was unable to finish their homework on time, was struggling academically or in their behavior, they had to leave earlier than is custom, and so forth. The reason teachers write individual comments (for each student) when something strange happens is that Optimus wants to limit the time writing any comments (for all students) to under 10 minutes. This is so that the teacher spends their time actually teaching and engaging the students and not typing on their laptops. 

In homework club classes, student who finish their homework before they leave do one of two things. They either read a book or work through math sheets. The books they read are provided by Optimus and have corresponding online tests (e-learning tests). We have these tests to ensure the students are truly reading and understanding the book. The math sheets are designed to solidify the math they are learning in school and keep their mental calculation quick and accurate.  


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